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Case Study:
Grand Slam

Hitting a HomeRun: From Zero to $5k Monthly Sales in Just 2 Months

In this case study, we unveil the triumphant journey of Grand Slam Wine, a brand focused on MLB teams. We took this ambitious venture from the ground up, starting with only thousands of bottles and transformed it into a flourishing success story, generating $5k in monthly sales within just two months of launch. By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that encompassed professional photography, an optimized e-commerce store, paid digital ads, engaging content, and SEO optimization, we achieved unprecedented growth for Grand Slam Wine in the competitive wine market.


Grand Slam Wine faced a unique set of challenges at the beginning:

  • A complete lack of brand presence and online identity, necessitating a full-scale launch from scratch.

  • Establishing credibility and attracting a loyal customer base in a saturated wine market.

  • Creating brand awareness and generating sales in a short timeframe.


Professional Photography


We began by capturing the essence of Grand Slam Wine through captivating and professional product photography. These visually appealing images formed the foundation for our brand's identity and marketing efforts.

E-Commerce Store and Gifting Focus


Next, we built an intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce store, emphasizing by-the-bottle purchases and targeting the gifting market. We positioned the wines as the perfect present for MLB and wine enthusiasts alike, enhancing the brand's appeal.

Paid Digital Ads


With the website live and photography in hand, we launched targeted paid digital advertising campaigns. These campaigns showcased the stunning product imagery, leading to a remarkable Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 3-5 across all brands, driving significant traffic and conversions.

Engaging Content


We curated a blog and newsletter series that revolved around the current updates in the MLB season. This content strategy not only promoted bottle sales but also engaged and nurtured a loyal customer base, leading to 1/3 of all sales being generated from email campaigns.

SEO Optimization


Concurrently, we worked on optimizing the website for search engines. Through meticulous keyword research and content enhancement, Grand Slam Wine climbed from non-existent rankings to claiming the top spot for key terms like "baseball wine," "MLB wine," "Yankees wine," and more in just four months.


With a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Grand Slam Wine achieved outstanding results:


The meteoric rise of Grand Slam Wine showcases the incredible power of a well-executed digital marketing strategy. Through our efforts, we transformed a budding idea into a formidable force in the wine industry, setting new standards for success. By combining professional photography, an optimized e-commerce store, paid digital ads, engaging content, and SEO optimization, we secured Grand Slam Wine's position as a premier choice for MLB team-focused wines.


As Grand Slam Wine continues to thrive and expand its reach, we take immense pride in our role as the catalyst for their exceptional journey and remain dedicated to delivering remarkable digital marketing solutions for our valued clients.

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