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Somm Curation Program

Become a Pioneer BevCom Sommelier! 

Ready to leverage your somm skills for some of the top wine clubs in the US? Pioneer BevCom is partnering with celebrated somms to curate the best wines and create fun, approachable content for our consumers.

Join a community where your expertise matters. Contribute to our exclusive clubs, get paid to craft intriguing content, and pocket some extra perks with our affiliate program. Fill out the form below to get started. Share your insights, spill your favorite vino secrets, and let's create the best content for our clubs!

What Awaits You:

  • Exciting tasting and creative content gigs

  • Exposure as a trusted somm on top wine club websites, social media, and mailing lists

  • A chance to shape unforgettable wine experiences

  • Eligibility for participating wine club's affiliate programs


How it Works


Fill out the interest form with your information, qualifications, and rates

Pair with Club

Based on your form and club interest we will pair you with a brand looking for your style of content.

Curate & Review

You'll receive wine samples to curate, review and create content for.


Your content will be featured across the club platform. You can also promote as an affiliate marketer for the club.

🥂 Start Your Sommelier Journey!

Here's to new friends, shared sips, and a fantastic voyage into the world of fine wines. Pioneer BevCom is excited to welcome you to our sommelier family. Cheers! 🥂

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