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Case Study:
MYSA Natural Wine

From 2,000 to 21,000 Monthly Web Sessions and Acclaimed Media Placements: A Digital Marketing Success Story

In this case study, we delve into the exceptional growth of MYSA Natural Wine, the leading natural wine club in the United States. As the driving force behind MYSA's digital marketing efforts, we successfully propelled the company from 2,000 to an impressive 21,000 monthly web sessions. Additionally, our strategic approach to affiliate marketing and PR secured coveted placements in prestigious publications such as Bon Appetit, USA Today, Wine Enthusiast, Food and Wine, Eater, Forbes, and more, elevating MYSA's brand recognition to unprecedented heights.


When MYSA Natural Wine began, we faced several challenges, including:


  • Limited online visibility and organic traffic, hindering the brand's ability to reach its target audience.

  • Establishing MYSA as a trusted and authoritative source in the competitive natural wine industry.

  • Acquiring media placements in prominent publications to gain wider exposure and attract a discerning customer base.


SEO Foundation


We implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, optimizing website content, conducting extensive keyword research, and building authoritative backlinks. This strategy allowed MYSA to significantly improve its organic search rankings, leading to a substantial increase in web traffic.

Paid Digital


To accelerate growth, we launched targeted paid digital advertising campaigns. These campaigns generated immediate traffic to the website, facilitating a rapid increase in MYSA's customer base.

Affiliate Marketing and PR


Our team forged strategic partnerships with influential affiliates and collaborated with PR experts to secure placements in renowned publications like Bon Appetit, USA Today, Wine Enthusiast, Food and Wine, Eater, Forbes, and others. These placements not only enhanced MYSA's brand credibility but also drove high-quality traffic to the website.

Email Flows 


To retain and nurture customers, we implemented personalized email flows. By offering exclusive promotions, personalized recommendations, and informative content, we fostered long-term relationships and encouraged repeat purchases.




The success story of MYSA Natural Wine is a testament to the power of a well-executed and integrated digital marketing strategy. Through our efforts, MYSA evolved from a relatively unknown player in the natural wine space to the top natural wine club in the US, boasting a thriving customer base and widespread media acclaim. The dramatic increase in web traffic, along with prestigious media placements, showcases the effectiveness of our approach and the enduring impact of organic growth.

As MYSA Natural Wine continues to flourish as a frontrunner in the industry, we take pride in our role in their journey and remain committed to delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions for our valued clients.

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